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Destroy Imposter Syndrome In Just 12 Weekss or Less & Develop A Clear Path To Being a World-Class Leader. Here's How:  

Hi, my name is Bradford Speaks. I am a High-Performance & Leadership Coach. I will work with you over the next 12 weeks to get you on the pathway to becoming the highest performing leader you can be. I break the 12 week period down into the three distinct phases described below…

 Phase One: Complete

In Phase One, our focus is all about Completion; completion is a cleansing process and it is often found hiding in the places you aren't willing to look. It is our unique approach to "stopping the bleeding" so to speak. 

More often than not it is the invisible and unfinished business in our lives that is the root cause of our feeling bogged down in our performance; events you have unconsciously turned a blind eye to, and therefore, are unable to see its impact on your current performance. Not being able to see it doesn't mean it is not there. 

Most leaders never discover their own blind spots. Everyone has them, and it is precisely what has us stuck and it shows up in the form of Imposter Syndrome, Poor Confidence, Fear of Failure, and Self-Doubt, just to name a few. 

Bringing light to these hidden areas will stop the bleeding and get your performance and effectiveness back on track! Performance breakthrough live in the unseen and must be unmasked. It is the cause of that constant 'noise' inside your head that you can't seem to get rid of, no matter how hard you try. What if you could? What difference would that make for you? 

In this simple, yet critical step, we identify and isolate the negative and disempowering conversations happening inside your head, and we place them upon the alter for eradication. 

With this cleansing process emerges an immense clarity around your commitment as a leader, and the impact you want to make. You are free from the mental baggage. 

 Phase Two: Invent

Now that the first stone for improved performance is in place, and you have a new clarity for yourself as a leader, we focus on what's missing in your performance as a leader. We hone in on the specific areas you want to impact, then we evaluate what is working and what is not working, and then discover why.

In this brand new and pristine space, you see limitless opportunities to Invent whatever you want for yourself. You get to choose, as old barriers and constraints continue to disappear. 

You will invent a new context that can hold this new and improved version of yourself; the ever-elusive vision you've always held of yourself as a leader.

We map out your vision and the exact actions needed for you to achieve World Class leader status. 

 Phase Three: Accelerate

In Phase Three, we piece together all of the moving parts. Phase One, Completion, has given you access to a lightness; a new kind of freedom you have never before experienced. With your mental load much lighter, you are able to implement fast and Accelerate your productivity and effectiveness. 

You are inspired in a way that moves you and your team into massive action around the things that really count! 

You may question or doubt yourself again in the future, but you won't stay there. You will remain clear about who you are, what you stand for, and the difference you are capable of making with those you lead.

 The End Result?

I’m so confident in my process and methodology that I guarantee you will diminish Imposter Syndrome rapidly, and as a  result you will see a significant increase in your effectiveness as a leader by the end of our first 21 days working together - or you don’t pay a dime.

I’ve continually refined my process over the last decade, which is why I am so confident in making such a bold guarantee. The testimonials you are about to hear will bear witness to the results other leaders have experienced from working with me.

If this sounds good to you, book a call below and let’s get you stepping into world-class, extraordinary leadership - legendary leadership!

Our Clients' Results

 Summer Hanchey: Director of Sales Enablement, USA

 Result: “Bradford challenged me as a person...he helped me to see that everything in my life matters. Working with him helped me to be a better wife, a better mom, a better colleague. Bradford, thank you for helping me to be the best version of myself. I appreciate you.”

 Nicole Clinton: Business Owner, USA

 Result: “Working with Coach B was an experience that allowed me to discover the things that were preventing me from having the best personal and professional relationships. If you’re looking for a Performance Coach, I highly recommend Bradford!”

 Eileen Marquez: Senior Sales Director, USA

 Result: “I can’t thank Bradford enough for the amazing breakthroughs he’s done with me in my life and my journey with my children, family, finances, career…the list could go on and on! He’s an amazing coach and I recommend him to anyone!”

 Essence Royal: Senior Recruiting Manager, USA

 Result: “Bradford offers guidance in a way that’s practical and his style sets you at ease so you’re in a place free enough to share. His information is always specifically for YOU and he’s became a close friend. Thank you Bradford for everything you’ve done in my life!”

 Nasir Din: Regional Sales Director, Germany

 Result: “I came out of our session with tons of ideas on what I can do next to improve myself as a person and as a leader. I regret not speaking to Bradford earlier because I didn’t know these sessions were going to be as powerful as they were. I appreciate you, Bradford!”

 Russell Davies: Senior Sales Manager, Australia

 Result: “Bradford helped me understand what I was committed to and helped me to create a personal mission statement. The results spoke for themselves immediately and I had some great ideas to uncover opportunities for my team. Thank you so much Bradford - you’re an absolute legend!”

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